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Welcome to Team Extreme

Team Extreme is one of Europe’s most successful fishing teams and is made up of Ove Johansson, Anders Johansson and Dan Alpsten. We compete in many of the big competitions and tournaments and also hold the position of European Champions.

We truly love to fish, it is our passion! We have been keen active fishermen since childhood. We train 100 days a year and this gives us extensive experience and knowledge of the waters we fish in. We also love experimenting with new tackle and tactics that can give us a leading edge.

Charter Fishing
We are available for chartering at very reasonable rates. We can guide small groups or even very large groups as we are part of a network of Swedish teams that are competing in the trolling circuit and guiding as well. Our boats are fully equipped with the best tackle and we have all the necessary safety equipment to give you peace of mind.

How about wonderful trolling on Lake Vänern after large salmon and salmon trout?
Experience the excitement of pike and pikeperch fishing in Lake Viken or Lake
Vänern! Take the chance to catch Lake Vättern's char and enormous salmon. Come and join the fun and excitement of this truly great fishing.

Our reasonable rates allow us to maintain the high quality charters we demand. We will continue to run to the fishing hot spots and not troll to them like other charter services. We will continue to fish the hot spots until it is time to return and not leave them early to troll back. We will not fish close to home to conserve fuel. We will always have good baits and quality equipment to use. We will not cut corners that would ever affect safety or performance.

We encourage hands-on experience. You will be cheerfully taught and guided in all aspects of trolling fishing. Share this adventure with family and friends. No experience is needed and you may rig the tackle, land the fish, steer the boat...or just sit back and enjoy your charter! Unlike on other charters, with us you become a participant... YOU SET THE HOOK. Together we create memories!

Contact us
Ove Johansson
Tel: +46 (0)706762908
email: ove@teamextreme.se

These are some of our successes in the last five years alone in the trolling circuit.

5:a Europamästerskapet
3:a Volvomästerskapet
STM Deltävlingar
2:a Kållandsöträffen
3:a Storsjötrollingen
4:a Laxfestivalen Karlshamn

2:a Laxfestivalen Karlshamn
3:a FK-Trollspöt (Art tävling)
1:a Volvomästerskapet (Tyngsta lax
och öring)
4:a Hjodraget

European Champions!
2nd Laxfestivalen Karlshamn
1st Hjodraget
2nd Volvo Championship & competition’s biggest fish
5th Storsjötrollingen & competition’s biggest fish

2nd Swedish Trolling Tournament (STM)
3rd Motala
4th Storsjötrollingen
5th Laxfestivalen Karlshamn
1st Hästholmens Vinterfejd
1st Volvo Championship
1st Kållandsöträffen
5th Hjodraget

2nd Land Rover Trolling tournament (STM)
1st Storsjötrollingen
4th Hällekisträffen
4th Dubbelhugget Karlskrona
1st Volvo Championship
3rd Hjodraget & competition’s biggest fish